Trailer park mechanic

Trailer park mechanic is a game where you manage your own garage in a trailer park. You can restore and repair your own cars and those of customers. Next to car customization customizing you garage and trailer will also become a possibility

Earn money by running the garage or by small jobs that may be given to you by the people around the park and town. Some jobs can even unlock new possibilities such as a new house or car.

You can assemble and disassemble the engine part for part which makes the repairing and restoring of cars more challenging but also gives the player more freedom in how the car and engine will look like and perform. The game includes explanation of each engine part and where it belongs which makes the game informative as well.

The way you play the game is all up to you, repair your car so it barely runs and go hooning through the trailer park or bring your garage back to it’s former glory and make some good cash.

Trailerpark mechanic is available on Steam, make sure to check it out!

Planned features:

– Drag racing

– Limited fuel

– More cars

– European cars

– Wide variety of tuner parts

– Garage and trailer customization

– Different engines

– Bigger map